Estes Park, Colordado
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Hi there! I’m Nik Buchman. I am a gym owner and personal trainer that lives in the beautiful city of Estes Park, Colorado. My passions include exercising, playing/watching sports, hiking, paddleboarding and enjoying life in the mountains. Along with owning my own gym, I have the great privilege of being the Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach for Estes Park High School.


I grew up in Southeast Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2020 with a degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis on Fitness. I am a firm believer that exercise, nutrition and a healthy social life are the 3 most important factors for both longevity and a life full of happiness. Furthermore, I take a very simple approach to these three things when it comes to my training. I understand that as humans we are imperfect and that life is all about finding our balances. My goal as a trainer is to motivate you and help direct you to becoming the best version of yourself on a daily basis without compromising your well-being. I have worked with a large range of clients over the past 3 years, ranging from 3 years old to 99 years old.. Yes, 99!! I believe that there is at least some form of training that any aged person can perform. Whether your goal is to sit up out of a chair or you are looking to perform a sport at a professional level, I truly believe that I have the tools to help you achieve them!

I offer both in-person and online personal training, nutritional guidance and exercise programming. If you are somebody that is looking to make a difference in your life, I hope that you will allow me the privilege to work alongside you to help you kick-start your fitness journey!